What Not to Do During Oral Surgery Recovery

Properly recovering is very important when it comes to restoring your oral health with oral surgery. In fact, if you don’t take the recovery process seriously after treatment, you could suffer consequences and additional smile-harming problems. So, it’s important to do all you can to recover by following the instructions... Read more »

What Is a Cracked Tooth?

There are many dental issues in the world today, and a cracked tooth is one of them. This problem oftentimes develops when you apply unnatural amounts of pressure to the tooth. As the pressure continues, it creates a small crack in the enamel. Then, as time goes on, the crack... Read more »

Oral Thrush: Prevention Tips

Oral thrush is a childhood nuisance that attacks the mouth. It’s caused by Candida albicans fungus, which is also known as a yeast infection, and it thrives on milk, which means this oral problem can develop during feeding time. To help you and your child prevent this oral issue, our... Read more »

Reduce Your Child’s Sugar Intake by Doing These Things

Sugar is a delicious substance, and it’s hard to avoid eating it, especially for children. However, if your child consumes high amounts of sugar, their smile could be in grave danger. Sugar promotes tooth decay development. So, to help your child have a cavity-free smile, our dentist, Dr. Nicole Holmes,... Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Dental Erosion

The outer layer on your teeth is a thin layer of protection known as the tooth enamel. However, as stout as it is, it can be damaged. When your enamel is eaten away slowly over time due to harmful acids and plaque buildup, it’s referred to as dental erosion. To... Read more »

Flossing is Essential for a Healthy Smile

Are you looking for ways to help keep your smile healthy? If so, then good for you! Keeping your smile healthy is important, which is why our office here at Holmes Dental in Fort Collins, Colorado, is happy to talk to you about a key factor in your oral health,... Read more »

Take Control of Your Gum Disease

If you have gum disease then you might want to take control of it, so you can reverse this condition before you suffer painful results. Here at Holmes Dental in Fort Collins, Colorado, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality care, which is why we want to talk to you... Read more »

Fluoride and Benefits 101

Do you remember the fluoride program required in elementary? Instructions would be read by a supervisor and promptly followed. If not, the rinse program was probably not in effect yet. This was to ensure students were getting their dose of fluoride to protect their teeth. Fluoride is a preventative measure,... Read more »

A Lost Crown Needs Urgent Dental Care and Treatment

The crown restorations performed by the dentists at Holmes Dental’s Fort Collins, Colorado clinic involve securing the piece of dental work in place with a strong dental-grade adhesive. As potent as this bond is, there are still things like periodontal disease or dental trauma that can weaken it. Sometimes, you... Read more »

Can a Water Flosser Save Your Smile?

Can a water flosser save your smile? A water flosser is an interdental device that is customized to supplement your oral health care treatment using an alternative oral health care treatment method of cleaning between teeth. Water flossers work by using a unique device that can spray lines of water... Read more »